The fourth entry on AnnaBeth's Blog, featured on the Bluebell Website.

Blind ItemsEdit

by AnnaBeth

Who’s been spotted around town behaving scandalously? These items must remain anonymous because I, of course, cannot stand gossip. But see if you can guess!

-What revered BlueBell citizen was seen stumbling out of the Rammer Jammer after 10 PM last weekend? Some say he was stumbling due to his notoriously poor vision, but I think it was the effects of the drink! Of course, it’s none of my business, but I feel that is no way for a man of a certain age to act!

-Kids grow up so fast! What child of BlueBell was seen at Pageturners buying books about the occult? I am not one to judge, but if I ad a daughter of my own, she would only be permitted to read the Bible and Nancy Drew, same as I did growing up.

-What blonde, beautiful BlueBell resident and daughter of a town doctor was seen performing community service with absolutely no agenda but only out of the goodness of her own lovely heart? Whoever she is, she is an asset to the community and an even better friend.

Do you have any blind items? I generally don’t tolerate gossip, but be sure to send any particularly interesting items to me here at the AnnaBeth blog! The more scandalous the better!

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