Beverly Mayfair
Beverly Mayfair
Bluebell, Alabama

Portrayed by
Kerry O'Malley
First Appeared
Last Appeared

Beverly Mayfair, wife of twenty three years as of 2011 to the town's Reverend, Peter Mayfair. Co-hosts the Pancake Breakfast alongside her husband each month.

Feeling stifled by her constant role as 'the preacher's wife' in Bluebell , Beverly began to experiment a bit- having her toes painted a wild color, having Wanda pierce her belly-button- unfortunately, this last experimentation resulted in her contracting syphilis, and spreading it to her husband, Peter. Unfortunately, before Dr. Zoe Hart discovered the source of this syphilis outbreak through Wanda and Chase Cobb , Beverly and Peter experienced some serious strain on their relationship- though luckily they came back together and resolved to work on their issues in time for that month's Pancake Breakfast . (Faith & Infidelity)

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