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Alex was featured in the third post of the Bluebell Sports Corner blog, featured on the Bluebell website. The article was posted as follows:

Interview with Alex “Juicebox” Hernandez, Pee Wee Football Player

Name: Alex “Juicebox” Hernandez

Sport: Pop Warner Football, Pee Wee Division

Position: RB/LB

Age: 11

Height: 4’11”

Weight: 106 lbs

The legends of BlueBell football weren’t born legends. Before guys like Decker Johns and Richard “Bam Bam” Manningham rewrote the record books and entrenched themselves in CLJ Jones High lore, they had to learn the ropes in Pop Warner football. At this very moment, in parks and fields all over the county, kids are stumbling around in oversized pads and helmets, each jockeying to be the next “I Saw Him When.”

One such player is Alex Hernandez, a little stick of dynamite in cleats currently tearing up the Pee Wee division. Though his nickname comes from his lunch drink preference, it might as well be for his sweet fluidity on the field, both as a running back and linebacker. With permission from his parents, the BSC caught up with this possible legend in making to ask him a few questions during recess.

BSC: How does it feel to be one of the best players in Pee Wee football?

AH: Mama says I shouldn’t be boastful, especially when there are bigger kids who can beat me up for saying I’m better, so I don’t really think about those things, but I think it’s cool.

BSC: Do you like playing offense or defense more?

AH: I don’t know, I think I like both because when I’m a running back, I can make people miss like Trent Richardson, but when I’m a linebacker, I get to be like Mayor Hayes and tackle people which is pretty fun, so yeah, I guess both.

BSC: Is football your favorite sport?

AH: Oh yeah, I really like it. I like baseball too, but sometimes it’s kinda boring to just stand out there and sometimes I forget to pay attention, but you can’t do that in football or you’ll ‘spit your grits’ like coach says. I don’t know what that means, but I don’t want it to happen.

BSC: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

AH: My Uncle Al told me that if I’m about to get to tackled I should run faster and so far that’s worked, so that’s probably good advice.

– Unknown, Bluebell Website; Bluebell Sports Corner

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