The eighth entry on AnnaBeth's Blog, featured on the Bluebell Website. This entry was posted in response to Parades & Pariahs.

A Sprinkle of Rain on Our ParadeEdit

by AnnaBeth

Another year means another glorious Founder’s Day celebration for BlueBell! With concerts, fireworks, barbecues, and, of course, our traditional parade, we really outdid ourselves for the 309th birthday of our wonderful town.

Under the meticulous eye of the superb Lemon Breeland, everything ran smoothly and without incident. At least until that Dr. Zoe Hart inexplicably drove the mayor’s float into ours and destroyed the parade. But up until then, the event was really quite splendid.

Now I know what everyone is thinking and yes, I was prepared to go on the Belles’ float and dance with my girls in case Lemon’s cousin Betty was too badly injured to go on. I know people are saying Lemon would not allow me to dance, but that is just absurd! And dirty, dirty gossip! I simply stepped aside, as I did not think it would be fair to overshadow Lemon’s visiting cousin from Huntsville. Any rumors that I have “two left feet” are greatly exaggerated. I was invaluable on the sidelines as Lemon’s assistant choreographer, providing emotional support as the rest of the Belles performed the sensational Spanish waltz.

But let’s get back to the biggest snafu of the day and talk about Zoe Hart. What on earth possessed her to ruin our parade? Here she is, coming all the way from big, bad New York City and striking havoc on BlueBell’s most favorite event of the year. Who does that woman think she is? For someone who calls herself a doctor, Zoe sure is breaking more than she fixes. I was skeptical when she first arrived in BlueBell but now I (and surely all my fellow BlueBellians) am sure she is truly a menace.

I would like to use this forum to express my deep regret that Zoe Hart feels the need to destroy everything that Lemon Breeland and the BlueBell community hold near and dear. But with her flailing reputation and her inability to entice any patients, I have a feeling that Dr. Zoe Hart won’t be around when BlueBell turns 310.

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